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3 reasons why you should take digital badges seriously

  When reading Reid Hoffman’s essay “Disrupting the Diploma” it became clear for me that badges are growing up. Once something you claimed for fun on Foursquare, badges are now being used in new, different and awesome ways — for pretty much everything. It seems the time has come for badges to be taken seriously and become […]

10 articles all ‘intrapreneurs’ should read

Below is a list of articles that I think are super relevant for everyone who deals with corporate innovation or incubation. If you have articles that should be added then tweet me. 1. The Jeff Bezos School of Long-Term Thinking 2. Think Like An Entrepreneur 3. You can’t fix what you don’t understand 4. For Innovation, […]

How to scale making dogs happy

As some of you might already know – I have started a business called Barkbox. Its a next generation subscription business for dog parents. As part of our mission to make dogs happy we decided very early that we wanted to give a good chunk of our profits to dogs who are without a family as […]