3 reasons why you should take digital badges seriously

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  When reading Reid Hoffman’s essay “Disrupting the Diploma” it became clear for me that badges are growing up. Once something you claimed for fun on Foursquare, badges are now being used in new, different and awesome ways — for pretty much everything. It seems the time has come for badges to be taken seriously and become […]

10 articles all ‘intrapreneurs’ should read

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Below is a list of articles that I think are super relevant for everyone who deals with corporate innovation or incubation. If you have articles that should be added then tweet me. 1. The Jeff Bezos School of Long-Term Thinking http://99u.com/articles/7255/the-jeff-bezos-school-of-long-term-thinking 2. Think Like An Entrepreneur http://www.brassmagazine.com/blog/think-entrepreneur 3. You can’t fix what you don’t understand http://pandodaily.com/2013/07/25/you-cant-fix-what-you-dont-understand/ 4. For Innovation, […]

The five best ways to use a mentor

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Over the past five 5 years I have had the pleasure of being a mentor for a number of accelerator programs and early stage start-ups.  I am about to start mentoring another batch of TechStars, SeedCamp, and 21212 entrepreneurs, and it got me thinking about who I have enjoyed working with and which founders have […]

Why big retail will be the Internet’s next victim

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New technologies regularly change the rules of competition. When a fundamental shift happens, companies that seemed unassailable flounder and newer firms quicker to grasp the changed rules take their place: if it’s big enough we call it an “Revolution”. If it small, we call it innovation. If we go back 200 years ago, the shift […]

Three reasons why email still rules the Internet

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Email is, besides all its flaws, still the cornerstone of the Internet. If you look at new successful services that are gaining traction, many of them are companies that use email in a smart, new way. The past couple of years, we’ve seen this from daily deals startups, like Groupon, GiltCity and Living Social. These companies take […]

Rethinking how people interface with computers

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How three events this past week, involving Microsoft’s Kinect, a trip to a bio lab and a brainwave headset, have made me certain that we will soon have to say goodbye to the mouse and keyboard. There is great book called The Singularity is Near. It discusses, among other things, the interesting fact that we […]

How to deal with the excitement and anxiety of releasing a lean startup

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The release of Project Whtespace… Releasing a new product onto the web is always a bit daunting. You know there are tons of features that you could put in; you know there’s a bunch of bugs, and you are somewhat worried that your user-flow, or even the basis premise, of your product is wrong. Don’t […]

How your digital trail could be used to introduce you to people you ought to know.

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As part of our work at prehype – we get to come advisors to various great entrepreneurs. One of these is Anthony from StreetSpark who with what seems to be everlasting energy keeps trying to find out how you can best match people. He and the other great guys at Streetspark does this by looking […]

Most mobile apps never get used – and why we made Allify

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Most mobile apps seem to have a very predictable launch pattern. Once launched in the store you see a short uptake in downloads – maybe followed by a second peak as you plough through your social media promotion. Then comes the silence… The fact of the matter is that most mobile apps are not inherently […]

Why Traditional Branding Won’t Work For Your Digital Product

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“Branding” is a pretty dirty word in the world of startups. Using it among hardcore tech-heads will pretty much guarantee eye-rolling and a body language that screams “whatever.” However, many of the elements traditionally discussed under the umbrella of “branding strategies” remain important; in fact, they are now getting a lot of focus in our […]